Inspiring transformational change in the

field of oncology diagnostics


To develop and deliver accurate, rapid, minimally

invasive oncology diagnostic products utilising our

patented MCM5 antibodies

Arquer Diagnostics is focused on the development and commercialisation of highly accurate minichromosome maintenance (MCM) protein based non-invasive tests for cancer diagnosis and monitoring.
Arquer aim to meet demand expressed by patients, clinicians and payers for cost-effective healthcare technologies that not only enhance patient care but help to reduce overall healthcare costs by improving patient outcomes.



MCM Technology


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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
The results of our #ADXBLADDER are consistently excellent, proving the robustness of our non-invasive #cancer #diagnostics technology. #Urologists can now use this urine-based test to benefit patients worldwide. Click, to change #bladdercancer history:

- 3 days ago

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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
#Bladdercancer survival rates could double if we reduce preventable diagnoses, this #bladdercancerawarenessmonth. The 7th most common #cancer in the #UK, let's work together to beat bladder cancer.

- 12 days ago

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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
RT @northeastbic: BIC based company @ArquerDx has become @NorthEastFund's 100th #investment as they help the #NorthEast company take its re…

- 18 days ago

Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
The #NorthEastFund #investment group has invested in #Arquer for the next five years. We are honoured by thier support, which will help us further our research into #cancer #diagnostics, so we can bring our #ADXBLADDER to the global market.

- 22 days ago

Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
Our commitment to providing excellence in #cancer #diagnostics has been rewarded: #Arquer have been #certified by #BSI. We are dedicated to continuing to deliver quality products to our clinicians, patients, and partners.

- 31 days ago