Inspiring transformational change in the

field of oncology diagnostics


To develop and deliver accurate, rapid, minimally

invasive oncology diagnostic products utilising our

patented MCM5 antibodies

Arquer Diagnostics is focused on the development and commercialisation of highly accurate minichromosome maintenance (MCM) protein based non-invasive tests for cancer diagnosis and monitoring.
Arquer aim to meet demand expressed by patients, clinicians and payers for cost-effective healthcare technologies that not only enhance patient care but help to reduce overall healthcare costs by improving patient outcomes.



MCM Technology


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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
With our latest #patient #study at an end, we can see results that are extremely consistent with our existing clinical #data. The consistency of our evidence and rigorous nature of our research has made it clear that #ADXBLADDER can replace #cytology in #cancerdiagnosis.

- 6 days ago

Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
#Haematuria, or blood in the urine, can be a leading #symptom of #bladder #cancer. If you've noticed a change in the appearance of your urine, make it a priority to seek advice from a medical professional as soon as possible.

- 16 days ago

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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
#Partnership is a big part of the #Arquer philosophy. This is why we work with many clinicians and groups around Europe on innovative #diagnostic #technologies.

- 25 days ago

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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
Those who undergo successful #treatment for #bladder #cancer are at risk of #recurrence for many years afterwards. Routine visits to your urologist are vital to stay on the right path: it's here that #ADXBLADDER can be a really useful tool for the detection of recurrence.

- 33 days ago

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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
4/5 #patients are referred to #urologists due to #haematuria. When #bladdercancer is suspected, #urologists can use #ADXBLADDER in conjunction with #cystoscopic procedures for a more confident and accurate #diagnosis of bladder cancer. #Arquer #urology

- 44 days ago