Arquer Diagnostics

is a UK-based company committed to manufacturing

and marketing innovative, non-invasive

cancer tests for diagnosis and monitoring


Inspiring transformational change in the

field of oncology diagnostics


To develop and deliver accurate, rapid, minimally

invasive oncology diagnostic products utilising our

patented MCM5 antibodies

Arquer Diagnostics is leading the way in non-invasive tests for diagnosing and monitoring cancer.
Our tests use patented technology to detect the presence of a protein produced by the expression of the MCM5 (Minichromosome Maintenance Complex Component 5) gene.

Our accurate and reliable tests meet the demands of patients, clinicians and payers for non-invasive, pain-free, healthcare technologies which not only improve patient care but reduce healthcare costs.

ADXBLADDER is the first of Arquer’s MCM5 tests to be released as a CE marked bladder cancer test and we are also currently testing the technology in prostate and endometrial cancers.



MCM Technology

Latest News

Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
With 99% NPV and a very high sensitivity in high-grade tumors, #ADXBLADDER can outperform #cytology and eliminate the need for #bladdercancer patients to undergo multiple #cystoscopies during follow-up procedures. Read more about this on our latest blog:

- 3 days ago

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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
#ADXPROSTATE, our test for #prostatecancer, is currently undergoing clinical trials. It's with this product that we hope to simplify and speed up #diagnosis of this form of cancer, improving the outcomes of those affected by this condition across the globe.

- 12 days ago

Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
It's well-known that many forms of #cancer can return at any point in time, but did you know that #bladdercancer has the highest rate of #recurrence at 65%? This highlights the true importance of #ADXBLADDER, our simple and reliable urine test for bladder cancer recurrence.

- 21 days ago

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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
Looking for a way to get in touch or find out the latest #news about our #products? Fill out the following form and we'll get back to you in due course:

- 31 days ago

Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
Last month, we were proud to welcome our new Chairman of the Board, William P. (Bill) Moffitt to the team. He joins us with much #experience in #healthcare technology and is hugely committed to helping us meet our next set of #company milestones. Welcome to #Arquer, Bill!

- 42 days ago