Inspiring transformational change in the

field of oncology diagnostics


To develop and deliver accurate, rapid, minimally

invasive oncology diagnostic products utilising our

patented MCM5 antibodies

Arquer Diagnostics is focused on the development and commercialisation of highly accurate minichromosome maintenance (MCM) protein based non-invasive tests for cancer diagnosis and monitoring.
Arquer aim to meet demand expressed by patients, clinicians and payers for cost-effective healthcare technologies that not only enhance patient care but help to reduce overall healthcare costs by improving patient outcomes.



MCM Technology


Latest News

Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
Earlier this month, we announced that we would be moving our #diagnostic innovation into the world of #prostatecancer detection. We have set up a #clinicalstudy for prostate cancer in ten UK #hospitals and will be looking to open a European study very soon.

- 19 hours ago

Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
For many suspected of having #cancer, waiting for #results can be a challenging experience. Using #ADXBLADDER will help speed up this delicate process as our #ELISA can be run in as quickly as 2.5 hours. Find out more about ADXBLADDER by visiting our website.

- 9 days ago

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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
In the world of #diagnostics, #accuracy is key. #ADXBLADDER's unparalleled 99% Negative Predictive Value allows #urologists to identify cancer-negative patients with more #reliability, accuracy and #confidence than ever before.

- 18 days ago

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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
At #Arquer, we're highly committed to improving the lives of #bladdercancer patients and their families. To achieve this aim, we conduct all of our work with #integrity and #honesty whilst ensuring that all our employees and business partners hold true to this #value.

- 28 days ago

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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
With our latest #patient #study at an end, we can see results that are extremely consistent with our existing clinical #data. The consistency of our evidence and rigorous nature of our research has made it clear that #ADXBLADDER can replace #cytology in #cancerdiagnosis.

- 47 days ago