Inspiring transformational change in the

field of oncology diagnostics


To develop and deliver accurate, rapid, minimally

invasive oncology diagnostic products utilising our

patented MCM5 antibodies

Arquer Diagnostics is focused on the development and commercialisation of highly accurate minichromosome maintenance (MCM) protein based non-invasive tests for cancer diagnosis and monitoring.
Arquer aim to meet demand expressed by patients, clinicians and payers for cost-effective healthcare technologies that not only enhance patient care but help to reduce overall healthcare costs by improving patient outcomes.



MCM Technology


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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
We have some exciting news to share. The initial trial of #ADXGYNAE, our diagnostic test for #endometrialcancer, has yielded some extremely positive #results, demonstrating high sensitivity and NPV. We now hope to conduct larger #studies in Europe and the US.

- 4 days ago

Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
We use our proprietary MCM5 technology to develop non-invasive urine tests to aid the #cancer diagnosis pathway. At present, we have tests for #bladder, #prostate and #endometrial cancer at various stages of development and strive to make these available to patients everywhere.

- 13 days ago

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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
By making use of our innovative MCM5-based technology, #ADXGYNAE strives to rule out the presence of #endometrialcancer in women presenting with the symptoms of this condition. This will reduce the number of #hysteroscopies performed on patients throughout the world.

- 34 days ago

Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
#Ageist attitudes can seriously undermine modern #business. Our CEO Nadia Whittley tackles this age-based bias in her latest article:

- 39 days ago

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Arquer Diagnostics @Arquer Diagnostics
The #PSAtest can diagnose patients with #prostatecancer. Yet, as around 15% of men with normal PSA levels may actually have this condition, this can go undetected. #ADXPROSTATE is currently undergoing a clinical study to determine its accuracy in detecting prostate cancer.

- 44 days ago

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