About us

Arquer Diagnostics

  • Arquer Diagnostics (Arquer) is a private, UK-based diagnostics company focused on the development and commercialisation of non-invasive immunoassay diagnostic tests for cancer diagnosis and monitoring.
  • Arquer’s tests are based on minichromosome maintenance (MCM) proteins, markers for the presence of dividing cancer cells. This patent protected, intellectual property is licensed exclusively from Cancer Research Technology (CRT), the development and commercialisation arm of Cancer Research UK.

The story so far

Research breakthrough

MCM protein biomarkers have been the subject of cancer research since they were first discovered at Cambridge University over 20 years ago by Prof. R Laskey and Prof. K Stoeber1-4[1] .

Developing a prototype

Using this protein biomarker discovery, Dr Nick Miller-Jones (Cambridge Scientist), then went on to develop the Arquer prototype MCM5 ELISA in collaboration with Cancer Research UK.

For Healthcare Professionals

That prototype has been perfected and extensively tested by the Arquer Team at its base in Sunderland (North-East, UK) and is undergoing clinical trials and further testing in a number of cancer types across the UK, Europe and the USA. Arquer holds an exclusive licence to the intellectual property.

Commercialising clinically relevant tests

ADXBLADDER is the first of Arquer’s MCM5 tests to be released as a certified in vitro diagnostic (CE IVD) bladder cancer test and is available to urologists and laboratories through a growing network of distributors.