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MC5001B All the reagents required to prepare and run samples for analysis by manual or automated ELISA
  • One x 96 microwell plate of 12, 8 microwell strips coated with mouse monoclonal anti-MCM5 antibody
  • Wash solution, 20x concentrate
  • Anti-MCM5 antibody-HRP conjugate
  • TMB substrate reagent
  • Stop solution
  • Lysis buffer / Negative Control
  • Positive Control
Expiry: 24 months



2 mL ready-to-use recombinant MCM5 protein
ADXCONTROL-B is an external control reagent to be used with the Arquer Diagnostics ADXBLADDER (MC5001B) test kit only. It is intended to verify the test is performing correctly and provide a means for day-to-day or batch-to-batch performance of ADXBLADDER.
Product Code: CN5001B

Technical Info


1 x 25mL Lysis buffer / Negative Control.
ADXLYSIS is intended to be used in the processing of urine samples which will be tested using the Arquer Diagnostics ADXBLADDER (MC5001B) test kit.
Product Code: LYS0001

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1x 25mL 10x concentrate wash solution
ADXWASH is to be used for washing the microwells in the Arquer Diagnostics ADXBLADDER (MC5001B) test kit.
Product Code: WA0001

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