ADXBLADDER Is a laboratory test that uses a urine sample to detect bladder cancers accurately


Just void the total contents of your bladder
to give a sample of between 10 and 200mL of
urine, any time of day, this can be processed
and tested by the laboratory.


Its quick and easy to give your sample, peace of
mind has never been so straightforward.


Research indicates that ADXBLADDER can detect
bladder cancer with unprecedented accuracy by
detecting MCM5 protein in cells shed into
the urine by the tumour.

ADXBLADDER is clinically proven to deliver
95% accuracy for the detection of aggressive,
high-grade tumours.

Dependable results that you can rely on

ADXBLADDER is available in a growing number of countries, ask your Urologist about ADXBLADDER.

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