A Fantastic Year For Arquer

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2019 has definitely been a transformational year for the biotech  industry! From genome editing to byonic organisms, innovation has pushed the boundaries towards new heights. Liquid biopsy has indeed been one of the hot topics and ARQUER Diagnostics has played a huge role in this space: from completing our bladder recurrence monitoring clinical study, moving forward on gynaecological indications and opening a new prostate clinical trial, the final twelve months of the decade have been anything but boring for us.

The Completion of A Milestone Study

Conducted over 17 months in 21 European centres, our study enrolled over 1700 patients and is currently  the largest ever urine biomarker study of its kind ever conducted on bladder recurrence monitoring indication . 

The Medical Advisory Board supported by a renowned statistician, have just concluded the final data analysis and the team is now busy submitting the results to some of the best clinical journals and congresses.

While we cannot reveal the final data, let me just say that the results are very consistent with what we have seen in previous studies, including the extremely high negative predictive value on non-LG pTa tumors (over 99%) as well as the very high sensitivity on non-LG pTa (above 80%):  ADXBLADDER positioning as “rule out” test is now supported by a very rigorous clinical study and will give urologists confidence going forward.  

The full results of this groundbreaking study will be presented at relevant congresses next year, and we can’t wait to share this data with you all!

Looking Ahead to 2020

As we look ahead to 2020, we’re extremely excited about our new prostate and gynaecological clinical programs. We understand the complexities of the current pathways and supported by our medical advisors have designed new rigorous clinical studies that will hopefully deliver new minimally invasive diagnostic options to clinicians and patients.

Innovation is what inspires our Team and our investors; no doubt next year will be, once again, filled with new very important milestones for Arquer Diagnostics. Keep your eyes focused on all of our social media platforms early in January to find out more!

For now, though, we hope that you enjoy the last few days of 2019 and wish you a warm and  Christmas and happy New Year! 


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