Arquer Diagnostics Announces Exclusive Agreement with SYNLAB to Accelerate the Introduction in the UK of Game-Changing non-invasive Diagnostic test for Patients with Suspected Bladder Cancer

Sunderland, United Kingdom, 13th July 2020 – Arquer Diagnostics, a UK-based company committed to manufacturing and marketing innovative, non-invasive tests for diagnosing and monitoring cancer, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with SYNLAB UK & Ireland, a leading medical diagnostic services provider.  

The agreement will provide access for UK-based urologists to ADXBLADDER, a urine test for people with suspected bladder cancer and those being monitored for recurrence. The full details of the deal remain confidential.

ADXBLADDER, the diagnostic test at the center of the agreement between Arquer and SYNLAB, is a game-changing urine test which can rule out the presence of bladder cancer with an extremely high level of accuracy both in patients showing signs of the disease and in patients undergoing monitoring for possible recurrence. 

In the UK, around 10,200 patients are diagnosed with bladder cancer each year 1, with some 5,400 people dying annually from the disease 2.

Patients who have had bladder cancer currently undergo up to four invasive cystoscopies each year to check for recurrence, meaning multiple visits to hospitals and unpleasant tests. The rigorous clinical trials run with ADXBLADDER show the non-invasive test is quicker, highly accurate and potentially, cheaper than the current standard diagnostic.

SYNLAB will provide a “collection kit” to urologists so that their patients will be able to send their urine sample directly to the SYNLAB laboratory for analysis: a simple method to provide a much needed service to bladder cancer patients 

Arquer CEO, Nadia Whittley, commented, “This agreement allows our innovative and game-changing urine test to reach the right people at the right time. ADXBLADDER gives urologists a valid tool to use in combination with cystoscopy, and with SYNLAB’s expertise and experience in laboratory analysis, we will make sure this test becomes part of their toolbox.”

SYNLAB UK & Ireland Chief Medical Officer Dr David James commented “SYNLAB are pleased to work with innovative companies such as Arquer Diagnostics in enabling patient access to cutting edge testing which can make a positive impact on patient’s lives”. 

As well as bladder cancer, Arquer’s breakthrough technology is showing positive early data in the diagnosis of prostate and endometrial cancers. The company is currently undertaking clinical evaluation of the technology in these additional tumour indications.