Arquer Diagnostics Announces New Distribution Agreements for Poland & Saudi Arabia Markets

Arquer Diagnostics Ltd (“Arquer”), a UK-based company focusing on the development of non-invasive cancer diagnostic tests today announced two strategic commercial partnerships with BIOKOM Diagnostyka and Al-Hobail Medical Office, who will take over the distribution of Arquer products across Poland and Saudi Arabia, respectively.

These new distributor appointments mean that Arquer Diagnostic products including the innovative ADXBLADDER non-invasive urine test for bladder cancer can be accessed within additional European and Middle-Eastern markets. ADXBLADDER is currently commercialised in UK, France, Italy, Turkey and the Nordic region and will be further released to other European countries and worldwide regions in 2018.

BIOKOM has been operating as a distributor on the Polish market since 1995, representing over 20 reputable companies from around the world, focusing on a range of reagents and equipment dedicated to biological and biomedical sciences. Al-Hobail Medical Office was established in 1987 to work in the field of importing and distributing medicines, medical chemicals, medical equipment and lab supplies to the Saudi market and the GCC tender.

“One of our strategic objectives here at Arquer has been to maximise the potential of our innovative diagnostic technologies by securing high-quality partnerships with businesses around world who not only offer distribution, but also excellent technical and scientific support to our customers,” comments Nadia Whittley, Arquer CEO. “We are extremely excited about the partnerships with BIOKOM and Al-Hobail as they are both highly reputable and experienced distributors in the biomedical field and this represents an important step forward in delivering our non-invasive oncology diagnostic products for these regions.”


BIOKOM Diagnostyka Sp. z o.o.


ul. Wspólna 3

05-090 Janki, Poland

Tel. +48 22 720 71 40

Al-Hobail Medical Office

KSA – Riyadh – Playa St – Spring Building

PO 61376, Riyadh 11565

Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 92 000 6647


ADXBLADDER received its CE Mark on 11th October 201 and was launched at the 37th Société Internationale D’Urologie (SIU) meeting later that month. It is a new non-invasive urine test for bladder cancer which provides a clear cut ‘yes/no’ result within three hours. In a blinded prospective study, 577 patients (318 male and 248 female) attending diagnostic haematuria clinics at six UK centres underwent ADXBLADDER ELISA testing. The results from the ADXBLADDER test were then compared to the current benchmark of combined results from cystoscopy, ultrasound and CT scanning. The results showed the ADXBLADDER test was extremely reliable, demonstrating a sensitivity of 95% for higher risk cancers and a negative predictive value greater than 97%. In addition, the test offers innovative features, such as the result being unaffected by urinary tract infections (UTIs) and utilising the ELISA testing methodology, meaning no requirement for specialist analysis. ADXBLADDER is currently commercialised in UK, France, Italy, Turkey Germany, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands and Belgium and will be further released to other European countries and worldwide regions in 2018

About Arquer Diagnostics

Arquer Diagnostics ( headquartered in Sunderland, United Kingdom, is a company focused on the development of non-invasive cancer diagnostic tests, based on the MCM5 (minichromosome maintenance protein) platform. Arquer Ltd was launched in 2015, following a strategic decision to put into action the powerful research that had been conducted by a small enterprise, founded in 2005 by Nick Miller-Jones (UroSens). Since then, the company has amassed strong clinical data to support the launch of its first product ADXBLADDER, a bladder cancer diagnostic test, and is running a number of clinical trials to validate many other indications. Arquer is supported by first class international Medical Advisory Boards and together we are aiming at inspiring transformational change in the field of oncology diagnostics.

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