Innovation That Never Sleeps

arquer diagnostics

The Start of Non-Invasive Testing

When Arquer Diagnostics was set up to research and develop a new innovative urine test for bladder cancer diagnosis, we knew that the chances of success were in our favour. The MCM5 Technology had been studied for a long time, and our team had the right expertise to perfect a test that is able to detect it.  The clinicians we chose to be part of our initial study were the best available, and so we were confident that we would see positive results.h

Expanding our Research to Benefit Everyone

When our Medical Advisory Board suggested that the best benefits for both patients and the NHS would derive from having an accurate test able to detect recurrent bladder cancer, the Arquer team tackled the challenge head-on. Two years later (with 21 European centres recruiting now in our Bladder cancer recurrence monitoring study, and over 1200 patients of the expected 2000 already recruited to the study), we can finally say that the next level of innovation in Bladder Cancer recurrence monitoring is here! The most recent interim analysis is showing exceptional results: ADXBLADDER is able to accurately exclude the presence of cancerous cells in 94% of patients, and for high grade tumours, the accuracy is almost 100%! This is exciting for our team, who have spent years developing the test, but more importantly, for bladder cancer patients worldwide. The study will close in the next two months, and by then we will know the strength of the results on a large population- which should inspire confidence in urologists and patients alike.

One Successful Study Leads Us to the Next…

We aren’t stopping there! Our mission to bring innovative developments to the field of oncology diagnostics continues to fuel our plans, and our next focus will be on Prostate Cancer. We know that there is a strong clinical need for an accurate Prostate Cancer test, and we believe that we are already onto some extremely interesting research. The initial clinical data we have produced is very exciting, and strong enough for us to be able to build a larger clinical study. This will allow us to produce even more reliable data, which will drive the next developmental steps for our Prostate Cancer diagnostic test. There will be more indications on this study soon, but for the moment, we will let our Scientists work a little while longer before we embark on new clinical studies.

As you can see, innovation at Arquer never sleeps…

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