Biomarkers, Bladder Cancer & ADXBLADDER

We all know just how important it is to detect bladder cancer as early as possible to increase the chances of treatment success and long-term survival, but this is a lot easier said than done; the symptoms of bladder cancer can be vague. The most common and noticeable symptom is blood in your urine, known as haematuria, which should always be investigated – even if it is infrequent and painless. In order to meet the demand for faster, more reliable diagnostic solutions, Arquer Diagnostics looked toward bladder cancer biomarkers for a solution, which led to the development of our innovative MCM5 technology. But what are biomarkers?


Simply put, when a change occurs within normal biological processes, molecules known as biomarkers are produced and can be measured to help indicate these changes. For this reason, we can use biomarkers to successfully detect and monitor numerous health conditions, such as cancers. Biomarkers manifest in various different ways and can be found in a number of different sample types. In the case of bladder cancer, the MCM5 protein is robustly produced by dividing cells and those preparing to divide in the underlying layers of linings and cavities of certain organs. These proteins are not usually found within bodily fluids unless cancer or certain damage is present, which is why MCM5 proteins make for such excellent bladder cancer biomarkers.


Here at Arquer Diagnostics, drawing upon years of extensive research and development, our experts created ADXBLADDER – a urine-based bladder cancer test that is simple, rapid, and highly reliable. The accuracy of ADXBLADDER is unprecedented, capable of detecting MCM5 proteins that have been shed into the urine as a result of a bladder cancer tumour, with a 95% success rate for aggressive, high-grade tumours. Providing a more accurate diagnostic test versus the current standard of urine cytology was our main objective – meeting a need expressed by patients and practitioners alike. While urine cytology has been used to detect bladder cancer since the 1800’s, this outdated methodology poses numerous issues, the most important of which is a low sensitivity (ability to pick up cancers) and this is why we are currently seeing a growing interest in the development of new urine-based liquid biopsy tests, such as ADXBLADDER. Biomarkers have the potential to replace uncomfortable cystoscopy (where a camera is inserted into the urethra to visually assess the presence of a tumour) in some situations and to aid in the assessment of patients.

It is our hope that we can change the lives of bladder cancer patients around the world with ADXBLADDER, which is already available across Europe and a number of other global regions. Our groundbreaking MCM5 technology is applicable to a number of other cancer types, for which we are developing trials to meet further worldwide healthcare demands by offering more clinically relevant tests in the future. To find out more about Arquer Diagnostics and ADXBLADDER, visit our website.