Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that bladder cancer is the 5th most common type of cancer in the Western world? In fact, for men in the UK it is the 4th most common cancer type, and yet it still gains minimal media coverage and public awareness. It isn’t a rare disease and is far more common than you might think, which is why International Bladder Cancer Awareness Month is so important this May. Much more can be done to educate about bladder cancer, including the signs and symptoms to look out for, when to seek medical attention, and what to expect from your treatment and recovery.

How is Bladder Cancer caused?

The abnormal growth of the bladder tissue is what causes a tumour to develop within the lining of the bladder, which could spread to the surrounding muscles and the rest of the body if left undiagnosed and untreated. Blood in the urine is one of the most common and obvious symptoms of bladder cancer, which should never be ignored. You might be surprised to know that 42% of bladder cancer cases are preventable, which is why it is important to be aware of certain avoidable causes, such as smoking.

Bladder cancer is actually the only type of cancer that becomes less aggressive once the patient quits smoking! With upwards of 10,000 new cases every year in the UK and half as many deaths, it is more important than ever that bladder cancer gets the support it needs in terms of research and development into new tests and treatments.

Fight Bladder Cancer!

Above all, we need to encourage a discussion and a learning experience surrounding this disease so that we can take full control of our health. Fight Bladder Cancer have recently launched their biggest ever bladder cancer awareness month campaign alongside numerous other patient groups across a number of countries. As the only UK-based cancer charity founded and run by bladder cancer survivors and their families, they know first-hand just how aggressive the disease can be.

There are an abundance of ways that you can get involved to raise awareness and much-needed funds, whether you take part in a sponsored walk, or sell home-baked goods to your friends and family. Visit their website to find out more about how you can get involved.

Groundbreaking Bladder Cancer Diagnostics

Within the last year, Arquer Diagnostics have launched our groundbreaking new bladder cancer diagnostics test: ADXBLADDER. This urine-based test offers accurate, reliable, rapid results without the need for uncomfortable and invasive techniques.

We are committed to improving upon the current standard of care in bladder cancer diagnosis and monitoring, taking strides to adapt our innovative technology to new tests for various cancers. This is a demand expressed by patients and clinicians alike, for enhanced patient care, improved outcomes, and an overall reduction in the cost of healthcare. Visit our website to find out more or contact us here.

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