Since Arquer Diagnostics officially launched ADXBLADDER during a live broadcast symposium session at the Société Internationale d’Urologie (SIU) congress last October, we’ve made significant progress in just a matter of months. Our groundbreaking urine-based test meets the demand for a non-invasive, cost effective and reliable solution for diagnosing bladder cancer. Existing standard of care tests are far more uncomfortable for the patient, not to mention rather costly, whereas ADXBLADDER offers accuracy and minimises discomfort.

The innovative technology at the heart of our product detects MCM5-positive cells in just a small urine sample. When a mass of replicating cells, such as a bladder tumour, is present, MCM5 positive cells are shed into bodily fluids and are indicative of bladder cancer.

A Pan-European Launch Plan

Our aim was to launch ADXBLADDER in an initial group of core countries, including the UK, Italy, France, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, by the end of Q1 2018. After the success of this first step on our journey, we are now gearing up for the next phase of our plan: Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands are now officially open, where product is now available to Urologists and their patients in these countries.

The Team is travelling to these countries to support the launch plans and looking forward to attending local meeting and conferences. Before the end of 2018, Arquer Diagnostics plans to launch into the remaining European countries, including Eastern Europe, the Nordics, and the Middle East – so a it’s very exciting time.

Growing Success of ADXBLADDER

We have no doubt that we will continue to see the success of ADXBLADDER grow as we extend our geographical reach. While we launch our existing product further afield, our Research and Development Team continues to work on our next innovative diagnostics solution for a number of cancers. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates, but in the meantime you can find out more about Arquer Diagnostics, ADXBLADDER and more by visiting our website and getting in touch!

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