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bladder cancer

Did you know that in women, it is not uncommon for symptoms of bladder cancer to be confused with urinary tract infections (UTIs), which are known to affect around two-thirds of women at some time in their lives? As a result, bladder cancer in women may go undiagnosed for some time.

“The reality is that women suffering from recurrent UTIs often do not bother to visit their GP if they spot blood in their urine because for them it has become an everyday occurrence,” says Mr. Tim Dudderidge, a consultant Urology Surgeon from University Hospital, Southampton and Principal Investigator for some clinical trials on behalf of Arquer Diagnostics. “Family doctors can be falsely reassured when they diagnose a positive UTI infection when actually there can be more than one process going on.”


Women with Bladder Cancer have a poorer survival rate

Although men are three to four times more likely to develop bladder cancer, sadly – women are more likely to die from the disease, with statistics showing that 57% of men survive bladder cancer for five years or more, compared with just 46% of women. “One reason for poorer survival in women is that they tend to be diagnosed far later than men and can suffer from rarer forms of the disease,” says Mr. Dudderidge.

Undoubtedly, one of the reasons men are diagnosed with Bladder Cancer far more quickly is that for every man who has a UTI there are eight women, making any bladder problem far more of a “red flag” symptom in men.

ADXBLADDER is a non-invasive test to help diagnose Bladder Cancer

ADXBLADDER is proven to help diagnose women with bladder cancer far quicker. The current method of bladder cancer diagnosis involves cystoscopy where a small narrow tube (known as the cystoscope) is inserted through the urethra with an attached lens that allows the doctor to view the inside of the bladder to check for disease.

The new ADXBLADDER test, which launched at SIU 2017, works by measuring levels of a protein in urine, and is extremely reliable at detecting bladder cancer – providing a clear cut ‘yes/no’ result within just three hours.

For women, especially those who have been treated for bladder cancer and need to undergo regular monitoring (up to four times a year) to check for recurrence, ADXBLADDER could make a huge difference to their quality of life.

For more information on ADXBLADDER, take a look at the Arquer Diagnostics website.

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