New clinical data support a new approach for bladder cancer recurrence monitoring

Bladder cancer Recurrence Monitoring

It’s with great pleasure that we’d like to announce that the Journal of Urology has accepted for publication a paper authored by Prof Morgan Roupret on the accuracy of ADXBLADDER in detecting recurrent tumours in bladder cancer follow-up. The paper presents the findings of a large prospective, blinded, multi-centric study sponsored by Arquer Diagnostics

As the American Urology Association’s official journal, the Journal of Urology is notable for its publication of some of the urology world’s finest scientific work and it’s a great honour to have a paper based upon our test, ADXBLADDER – Diagnostic Accuracy of MCM5 for the Detection of Recurrence in Non Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer Follow up: A Blinded, Prospective Cohort, Multicentric European Study – published by such a revered scientific resource. 

How MCM5 Technology will help urologists and patients

The results from the largest clinical trial ever undertaken with a urinary biomarker are unequivocal: ADXBLADDER can rule out the presence of a high-risk tumour by detecting the protein produced by expression of the MCM5 gene, with 99% accuracy, outperforming cytology, reducing the need for unnecessary cystoscopies. 

Bladder cancer recurrence monitoring is a burdensome exercise for both patients as well as the NHS. According to EAU guidelines, follow up strategies include 2 to 4 cystoscopies per year depending on the risk group of the patient. This 1700 patient study clearly demonstrates that by using ADXBLADDER urologists will be able to reduce the number of unnecessary cystoscopies while maintaining a very accurate diagnostic power; patients will therefore not be subjected to unnecessary invasive procedures and will have a much better experience.

Looking to the future 

Widely considered to be a success, this recent study is only the first paper to stem out of this large pan European study, with 3 more papers under review on the findings, which will further support the consolidation of ADXBLADDER within the diagnostic pathway. In addition, Arquer are continuing to support a number of investigator-led studies in Europe. 

As we look to the future, this leaves our team in the most positive of positions; we are preparing to run an FDA study on bladder cancer follow up patients, and continue our clinical study programs on prostate and endometrial cancer diagnosis, striving to ensure that our technology can be accessed by those who need it. 

Once again, we’d like to thank you all for your support and contribution to our efforts and look forward to a time when we can all come together once again to celebrate. For now, we hope you all stay safe and well. 

For JoU subscribers, you can read the study in full here

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