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Over the past 7 decades, the NHS has been delivering universal healthcare to the UK population, but it hasn’t been without its challenges. In fact, there is more pressure on the system than ever before with rising costs and demands, 21st century chronic long-term conditions and complex clinical pathways, and the fact that the national average life expectancy now surpasses 80 years of age. However, this just goes to show how far our healthcare has come. The quality of care provided and the consequent outcomes are of a higher standard than they have ever been, with strides being taken in the advancement of treatments such as chemo-radiotherapy, management of cardiovascular diseases and vaccination in recent years.

A New Era Of Healthcare Developments

Here in the UK we are consistently meeting these challenges  head on with a forward-thinking approach to better deliver low-cost & high quality healthcare. It is thought that we are entering a new era of healthcare as innovation such as digital health and artificial intelligence will push the system in a new direction. Technology is making knowledge more accessible than ever, allowing patients the freedom to manage their own care in ways that were not previously possible. Each new medical challenge is met with new technological advances, and here at Arquer Diagnostics we truly believe that innovation is the key to moving forward.


With ADXBLADDER, we took the diagnostic challenge,  looked at it from a different point of view in an attempt to provide a better solution, and we think we have more than done so. When it comes to bladder cancer, a rather costly, time-consuming and uncomfortable procedure known as a cystoscopy has long been the gold-standard in diagnosis. Through the development of  our MCM5 based technology , our expert team has produced a ground-breaking urine test for bladder cancer that eliminates the need for lesser alternatives. This test accurately and reliably provides a definitive ‘yes or no’ diagnosis within hours, from an simple urine sample.

Since its launch, ADXBLADDER has garnered the Arquer Diagnostics team widespread acclaim and numerous prestigious awards, including Outstanding Collaboration with the NHS at the 2017 Bright Ideas in Health Awards, and the Innovation Award at the 2018 North East Business Awards. We hope to continue this success as we launch our product across the world, as well as focusing our attention on the development of a similar test for prostate cancer in the coming months.

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