For Healthcare Professionals

Arquer Diagnostics is a UK-based company committed to manufacturing
and marketing innovative, non-invasive cancer tests for diagnosis
and monitoring.
Its first product, the pioneering ADXBLADDER, is a quick and
accurate way of diagnosing and monitoring bladder cancer, harnessing patented
technology to detect or rule out the presence of a cancer biomarker in the urine.

The rising burden of bladder cancer calls for simple, less invasive diagnostic techniques which meet the needs of both healthcare professionals and their patients

ADXBLADDER is a highly accurate, simple, fast and painless urine testing kit which can rule out bladder cancer with up to 99% accuracy. The UK-made, game-changing test is set to revolutionise how patients with bladder cancer are diagnosed and monitored.

It will reduce the need to undergo unnecessary, invasive and often painful testing and help speed up the diagnosis of those at highest risk of having the disease. Arquer’s rigorous clinical trials programme in patients has shown that ADXBLADDER is more accurate than the current cytology test, giving peace of mind to patients.

The test uses standard ELISA methods which are available in almost every hospital laboratory, requires only 10mls of urine and takes just three hours to achieve a “yes/no” result.

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