Arquer at the 70th Annual German Urology Congress

This September, the world’s third largest urological symposium arrived in Dresden, one of Germany’s beautiful cities, and Arquer were keen to be a part of such a prestigious event in some way. Unfortunately, our team were hard at work and unable to attend, but were thrilled that a representative from our German partner, Concile, was in attendance from September 16 – 29.

Arquer at Congress

The congress itself, the Annual German Urology Congress, celebrated its 70th year by encouraging a discussion among an expected 7,000 attendees surrounding the current challenges and scientific findings from all areas of uro-oncology. Challenges such as, “Are personalised therapies important within the field, and how much so?” and “There is a clear demand for a PSA screening, but will this come as a cash benefit?” These questions, and so many others need to be asked, and the purpose of bringing together leading experts from around the world is about finding an answer by pooling together knowledge and skills.

Our small team at Arquer Diagnostics have already proven ourselves to be at the forefront of innovative diagnostic solutions with our groundbreaking urine-based lab test for bladder cancer, ADXBLADDER. As we continue to forge new partnerships in more territories worldwide, it’s exciting to see our life-changing products reach more and more patients.

Arquer in Germany

Our German partner, Concile, work closely with a number of innovative firms and companies, like Arquer Diagnostics, to develop, manufacture and market high-value products for medical diagnostics. They are key in driving the delivery of ADXBLADDER throughout Germany, helping even more bladder cancer sufferers have access to simple, rapid and reliable testing, without the need for invasive methodologies. Those who managed to catch up with Petra at the 4-day DGU event in Dresden will have had the chance to talk more in depth about our pioneering MCM technology. Thank you Petra!

If you didn’t get a chance to meet Petra at the 70th Annual German Urology Congress, you can find out more about Arquer Diagnostics and Concile via our respective websites. Don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding any queries and enquiries you might have regarding ADXBLADDER!