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Arquer Diagnostics @ArquerDx 4 days ago
It's #BladderCancerAwarenessMonth, so join us in raising awareness of this condition and strengthening the support on offer to those affected by bladder cancer. #ADXBLADDER has already played a vital role in the detection of #bladdercancer recurrence and we hope this continues.
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Arquer Diagnostics @ArquerDx 13 days ago
Our #technology is based on the fact that MCM-positive cells aren't normally present in bodily fluids in the absence of #cancer. From this, our #diagnostics tests can safely and accurately rule out the presence of #bladder cancer in symptomatic patients.
Arquer Diagnostics @ArquerDx 32 days ago
Acting with #integrity is very important to us. We're committed to improving the lives of #cancer #patients and their families and work hard to ensure that all of our staff and shareholders adhere to this crucial #value.
Arquer Diagnostics @ArquerDx 41 days ago
It's never been a more important time for #healthcare providers, with significant strain being placed on this hard-working industry. It's our aim to help in reducing overall healthcare #costs by creating products to improve the speed and success of #patient diagnosis.
Arquer Diagnostics @ArquerDx 51 days ago
#Endometrialcancer is the fourth most common #cancer found in women in the UK, with 9,300 women diagnosed every year. Abnormal vaginal bleeding is a common indication of this and those experiencing such symptoms should seek immediate medical advice.