Arquer Diagnostics – To Promote Innovation, Collaboration Is Key

Arquer Diagnostics Collaborate With NHS

It is often said that two heads are better than one, and the team at Arquer Diagnostics firmly believes in the strength of collaboration. A key aspect of the development of ADXBLADDER was the design and execution of robust clinical trials, something that would not have been possible without a close working relationship with the NHS specialist teams across a number of NHS hospital trusts.

The success of the clinical trials meant that Arquer could introduce this groundbreaking new product, supported by rigorous clinical data, and forward the vision of revolutionising bladder cancer diagnostics as we know it. Arquer works incessantly to develop new and exciting partnerships, supported by a team of highly trusted key opinion leaders.

Arquer Diagnostics Collaborates With Cancer Research UK

In 2006, Arquer entered into a worldwide patent licence agreement with Cancer Research Technology (CRT), the development and commercialisation arm of Cancer Research UK. This licence agreement covers the exploitation of MCM cancer biomarkers to assess cellular growth abnormality across a variety of cancer fields.

Without this vital collaboration in the early days of Arquer Diagnostics, the life-changing work that the team continues does on a daily basis would not be at all possible. This agreement has allowed Arquer to meet the demand for fast and reliable, non-invasive cancer diagnostic testing through the development of groundbreaking products like ADXBLADDER

How Does Collaboration Improve Patient Care?

But, how does collaboration specifically improve patient care? Partnership opportunities are the key to a successful outcome, particularly within industries where health and wellbeing are concerned. Industry needs to come together to combine skills, knowledge and resources so as to boost healthcare developments, from equipment to medicines. This initiative is beneficial to all those involved, especially the patients. As Europeans, we should be leading the way and pioneering collaborative working as the tool that it is.

Without collaboration, some of the most important medical advances wouldn’t have been at all possible, including our understanding of cancer and other diseases. Through collaboration, long-term goals can be achieved in  shorter time and  healthcare systems  can dramatically improve patient outcomes  Without a doubt, there is strength in numbers.

For more information on ADXBLADDER, or any of our upcoming collaborations in 2018, please get in contact with the Arquer team at HQ.

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