Kick The Habit This October

Did you know that tobacco is the single biggest preventable cause of cancer, and alcohol is a causal factor in a number of cancers and more than 60 other medical conditions? While these facts alone are alarming, scientists have also proven that the effects of alcohol and tobacco consumption are much worse when used in combination than by themselves. Every October, millions of us up and down the U.K. come together to try and kick these habits, either for the month alone or once and for all.

While quitting smoking and drinking offers significant improvements to your health and your bank balance, you’re also improving the lives of loved ones around you. Statistics show that specialist services and support give you the best chance of giving up your vices successfully, so why not sign up for Stoptober, Go Sober For October, or both! Not only are you taking control of your health, but you’ll be raising much-needed money and awareness for such vital charities.


Stoptober is an initiative from the NHS who understand just how important getting the right support is when attempting to ditch cigarettes for good. Their website is a hub of helpful tools and information, allowing you to create a free personalised quit plan, monitor your progress with the handy Stoptober app, and be motivated by the inspirational success stories of so many others just like you. It’s about finding the right combination of support that really works for you, and Stoptober is the perfect gateway to get you started. More than one in four cancer deaths are caused by smoking and up to two in three long-term smokers will die as a result of their habit. Make a change today.

Go Sober For October

On the other hand, Macmillan Cancer Support also encourage us all to Go Sober For October and raise money for those of us already living with cancer. Once again, support is key, which is why Macmillan promise to help you along your journey when you sign up via their website. As mentioned above, alcohol plays a part in your cancer risk, and an alarming 2.5 million of us in the UK admit to consuming over 14 units on our heaviest drinking days. With that said, alcohol consumption is steadily declining, leaving more of us feeling healthier and energised.

We may be well into October already, but it’s never too late to dive in at the deep end and take part in either of these fantastic campaigns. You can find out more about each via their websites, and encourage your friends and family to do the same so that you can enjoy many more years together. This could be the kickstart you’ve been looking for to take your health into your own hands, so don’t waste another moment!