What is ADXBLADDER and how does it work?

ADXBLADDER is a highly accurate, simple, fast and painless urine testing kit which can rule out bladder cancer with up to 99% accuracy.

The test shows whether MCM5 (a biomarker) is present which is a good way of seeing whether there is bladder cancer in the body. All cancer cells – in every cancer type – are continually dividing (replicating) so contain MCM5. When a tumour is present in the bladder, these cells are shed into the urine and so the urine will contain the MCM5 biomarker.

The test is easy and painless. Your urologist will make sure your urine is collected at an NHS Urology Department or through a home urine collection kit. Once the sample has been received and tested, your urologist will be notified of the results, within two weeks

Your doctor will then be able to tell you whether there is a possibility you have bladder cancer or can confirm that you do not have bladder cancer. This will likely be verified with a cystoscopy.

  • It helps to speed up diagnosis if you are at high-risk of having the disease
  • A number of clinical trials have shown the test is more accurate than the current cytology test


ADXBLADDER is only available via a Urologist. Please contact yours to discuss its availability in your local NHS hospital, or privately.

If you are not under a Urologist’s care then please talk to your GP for a referral.

Alternatively you can
contact us here.

Bladder cancer monitoring

People who have been treated for bladder cancer sometimes develop recurrent tumours. Recurrent bladder cancer tumours occur when the bladder cancer cells have started to grow again after treatment.

Some people who are treated for bladder cancer never have a recurrence. However, if it does come back, in many cases the bladder cancer can be treated effectively. This is especially true for non-invasive bladder cancer that is located in the lining of the bladder (the urothelium) and has not grown into the muscle of the bladder walls.

After your treatment for bladder cancer has ended, your doctor will monitor you regularly during check-ups (also called follow-ups) for signs and symptoms that your bladder cancer may have recurred. ADXBLADDER is a good test to exclude the presence of bladder cancer recurrence ;  it is accurate, non-invasive and quick.